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My given name is Sterlin Driggs and I am a Psychic Authority.

I can recall many instances throughout my childhood where I was gifted but not attuned to the frequencies and those frequencies were likely blocked due to public stigma surrounding children and their psychic/intuitive abilities. It was not until much later in life in that I became more open and actually considered other possibilities to this reality. Now in my 40’s I can no longer deny what was likely there from childhood.

This past year has been eye opening on many levels. This is my time of awakening. What began as more of a knowing and feeling has blossomed into clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairkinetic and empathic abilities. New friendships and partnerships have helped to develop the person that I have become and longed to be from that early age.

I am a lightworker, intuitive, and a healer. I provide answers to the questions to which you seek clarity. I provide guidance along the path to your life’s own purpose, and ultimate actualization. I am present, aware, and the vehicle of divine activation. I continually grow in my abilities and surround myself with other likeminded people.

I gather much of my strength and many characteristics from the time I spent as an infantry Marine. As a police officer, I have over a decade in law enforcement. I am accustomed to helping others. I am part hero, disciplinarian, counsel, therapist and friend. Together we will address the issues you face and create your new path for you to follow and align your frequency to that path so that you may achieve your ultimate happiness. This reality is what you make of it. We are all creator beings and therefore we all create our own realities. So be it. ॐ

Psychic Authority Intuitive
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